Finale tonight!
So, the SGU finale is tonight. I won't be able to watch it until I get off work (about 1 a.m.), but it's on my list for the second I walk in the door.

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SGU Sims
When this is first posted, it's going to look like I'm talking to nobody at all, but I'm hoping to give the comm some notice over at Joe Mallozzi's blog

Anyway, I've reformatted the drive of my computer that was viciously attacked by some nasty viruses and re-installed all my Sims 2 expansion packs and am about ready to start my Fandom City neighborhood. Fandom City, as the name explains, is a neighborhood made up entirely of fandom characters. Before the meltdown, I had SG1 and SGA, Brothers & Sisters, old school 90210 and a few other things.

This time I want to give SGU a go. You're allowed to have just enough people in one house that I can have Sims! Young, Scott, TJ, Eli, Chloe, Rush and Greer and still have room for a TJ/Young baby. I think their house could be kind of a challenge because I'm not going to give them a phone or let them have jobs. They'll have to eat what they grow or "find" -- which for the purposes of the game I will interpret as trips to community lots where they can play music on the street or work as a barista (because that's different than having a Job job (in the game).

But I'm a little stuck on how to handle some of their aspirations, turn ons/offs and personality points.

This is what the game offers:
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So, that's that. I'm in the middle of making a Burn Notice house, but SGU will be next, and I'll come bearing pictures!


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